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Isaiah 33 - G-d Will Mete Out Judgment on the Nations ONLY After the Jewish people repent

Woe to the greatest oppressors of the Jewish people - Assyria, Babylon and Rome - who had plundered and betrayed many nations, although no one had previously done so to them. Especially Rome, heirs to Esav (christianity), were betrayers of their blood relation to the Jewish people. Woe for what they will face!

"G-d, Grant us grace, for we long for You! Be our strength each morning and our salvation in times of woe." - Isaiah 33:2

Speaking for the Jewish people Chizkiyahu's (Hezekiah's) time, yet also for those who will endure the pre-Messianic ordeals, Isaiah begs G-d to grant unearned "grace," even if the Jewish people are not worthy. We beseech not for us, but for Your great Name - for Your revealed Presence do we long! Grant us this grace in Your great mercy, even if our only merit is longing. Be always our strength to prevent all distress; be our salvation in times of woe.

"G-d shall be exalted, for He dwells on High; He filled Zion with justice and righteousness." - Isaiah 33:5

After the miraculous salvation of Jerusalem, G-d will be exalted by the nations. They will admit that G-d guides affairs here on earth even though He dwells on High. Jerusalem, too, will be spiritually elevated by the miracle that will become filled with justice and righteousness, because all sinners will repent from their ways.

"Now I shall rise," says G-d; "Now I shall be exalted, now I shall be elevated." - Isaiah 33:10

After the destruction which the nations will bring upon the Jewish people, G-d will rise to mete out judgment. But it will only be "now" that G-d will do it - "now" being a reference to Jewish repentance (Deuteronomy 10:12).

"Distant ones, hear what I have done: near ones, know My power." - Isaiah 33:13

Word of the miraculous salvation of Jerusalem from the Assyrian armies will travel far and wide, while the "near ones," who actually saw it, will really know G-d's power.

But there were those in Jerusalem who feared during the siege: the sinners among the people. Not believing that G-d would or could save them, they said: "Who would be with them" against the consuming Assyrian armies? But the fear also gripped many Jerusalemites after they saw the plague - "Who can be with G-d, a consuming fire?"

"You shall see Zion, the city of our gathering. Your eyes shall see Jerusalem, a secure dwelling place, an immovable tent, whose pegs shall never be removed and whose ropes shall not be cut." - Isaiah 33:20

Instead of the foreign oppressors, the Jewish people will see their own city's beauty, where they will gather three times a year at Festivals. Now, during Chizkiyahu's reign, the people would make the thrice yearly pilgrimage after being prevented from doing so by King Ahaz. Throughout the reign of Chizkiyahu, which shall seem like "forever," Jerusalem shall be a secure and invincible city and no enemy will be able to bring it down."

"For G-d is our judge, G-d is our ruler, G-d is our king - He will save us!" - Isaiah 33:22

G-d shall judge the nations and save His people. Indeed, after all the Jewish people will suffer under the rules of kings whom they had themselves requested - "a king like all nations" (Deuteronomy 17:14) - they will proclaim that they want G-d to be their king and ruler. Only He can protect them from foreign rulers.

"And the (City's) dwellers shall not say, "I am ill," for the people who live in it shall be atoned of sins." - Isaiah 33:24

Not only the lame, but also the "ill" will go out to plunder the Assyrian camps. But none of this plundering will be held against them, for they shall be ataoned of sin. Because after the salvation, the will have all repented and the dwellers in Zion will not be "ill" from foreign oppressors aanymore - their previosu oppression was only because of their sins.

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