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Isaiah 34 - Do Not Mistreat the Jewish People

"Draw near, peoples, and listen; nations, pay attention. Let the earth and all those who fill it listen, the world and all its offspring." - Isaiah 34:1

All "peoples," all faiths, all "nations," all nationalities; those who "fill the earth" in diverse places, yet follow their own cultural leaders, and the "world's offspring," those who have neither their own faith, nation or leaders, are not all warned not to mistreat the Jewish people throughout the long exile.

"G-d is enraged with all the nations and furious with all their multitude - He shall destroy them and give them over to slaughter. Their corpses shall be cast, the stench of their carcasses shall rise up; mountains shall melt from their blood." - Isaiah 34:2-3

Because G-d will be enraged with the nations who will persecute the Jewish people, He will give them over to slaughter, but not bury them. This will come through bloody wars among them which will leave their dead lying untended to putrefy.

"Indeed, My sword is satiated in heaven - it shall sweep down upon Edom and upon the people I have condemned in judgment." - Isaiah 34:5

G-d's sword, so to speak, will be filled with blood from "slaughtering" the heavenly signs which bode well for the gentiles. That sword will then come down to mete out justice upon Edom-Rome - the nation condemned by G-d's judgment.

When the sword of G-d comes down upon Edom, there shall be a great massacre. Nations will slaughter one another, but it will all be the sword of G-d. The nations' rulers - the "fat sheep and large goats" - will be among the slaughtered, because they were responsible for their people's deeds. Kings, the influential and the wealthy - "wild oxen, bulls and steers" - will also meet their end, because they came to the aid of Edom.

"It shall be a day of avenging for G-d, a year of payment for Zion's complaints." - Isaiah 34:8

On that day, G-d will avenge the persecution of His people. He will "pay" the nations what they deserve for causing "Zion," the Jewish people, to complain. So severe will be that vengeance, that one day of it will "repay" for a whole year.

"Their nobles who said, "There is no kingdom here," and all their officers, shall become nothing." - Isaiah 34:12

The powerful nobles who said haughtily, "No kingdom is here," meaning besides their own, shall now lose their powers and so shall all their officers."

"Search in the Book of G-d and read - not one of them will be missing. One did not invite the other, but His word has commanded and His spirit has gathered them." - Isaiah 34:16

Open up the "Book of G-d," the Holy Scriptures, open it to the portion of birds (Leviticus 11:13-19) - you will see that all those listed there are mentioned here. Open it up also to the portion of Noah's Ark and see how so many different wild beasts can live together peacefully. This is only because G-d gave in their minds to gather in these places - it was not that one "told" the other.

"He casts lots for them, His hand divided it for them with a line - they shall inherit it forever and dwell there for all generations." - Isaiah 34:17

As land is divided by lots and by "lines," borders, shall the land of Edom become designated as the land of these wild birds - it shall be their eternal home.

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