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Isaiah 46 - For I am G-d and There Is No Other

"Listen to Me, House of Jacob and the entire remnant of the House of Israel, who have been carried since the womb and supported since birth: Until old age, I am He; until turning gray, I shall carry. I created and I shall bear, I shall carry and rescue." - Isaiah 46:3-4

Unlike Babylon's idolaters who carry their gods, G-d carries the Jewish people. He carries them from birth until their old age and bears with them all of their suffering. Even when it seems that the Jewish people are "old" and merit-less, nevertheless, G-d is with them.

"To whom can you liken Me and make an equal, compare Me with so that we resemble?" - Isaiah 46:5

How did the Babylonians rely on their dead gods to so subjugate the Jewish people, thinking that G-d could not save them? How did they compare physical, man-made idols to the Infinite G-d Who fills all life?

"Remember this and be strong like men! Bring back sinners at heart." - Isaiah 46:8

Jewish people, be not like them - be strong in your faith and be men, not foolish like animals! Talk to the hearts of those who are that foolish and realize your potentials as spiritual men, by bringing them back to their senses.

"Remember the things of old, for I am G-d and there is no other. I am the Lord and there is nothing to liken to Me." - Isaiah 46:9

"I foretell the end from the beginning and things not yet occurred from ancient times. I say, "My plan shall be fulfilled and all My wishes will I carry out." - Isaiah 46:10

G-d has foretold that Babylon will fall and that the Jewish people will return to Yehudah - He has foretold it long before it transpired. G-d's will will be done and not the predictions of fortunetellers - even when their predictions seem inevitable. Even if the forces of nature seem to preclude G-d's will, G-d's will will be done.

"I have called the eagle from the east, the man of My purpose from a distant land. I have spoken and shall bring it about, I have planned it and shall complete it." - Isaiah 46:11

From the beginning, G-d had foretold Abraham, the man of His purpose, who came swiftly from the East like an eagle, about the exile in Egypt and other future exiles, and about the Redemption which will come in the End. Koresh (Cyrus) too, was the man of G-d's purpose to bring down Babylon. He swooped down from the East upon Babylon like an eagle swoops down on its prey.

"Listen to Me, strong-hearted ones, who are distant from compassion. I shall hasten My compassion, it is not far. My salvation shall not tarry. I shall bring salvation to Zion and My glory to Israel." - Isaiah 46:12-13

So listen to G-d, strong and cruel hearted people of Babylon, who are distant from showing compassion to the Jewish people. G-d's compassion will be soon in coming and Jewish salvation will not tarry. But Jewish people, also listen! both those who retained strong hearted faith during exile, despite salvation's tarrying, and also those who despaired of redemption and "strengthened their hearts" by indulging in worldly pleasures, thinking that G-d does not care. Both of these groups should know very clearly that salvation is ever approaching!

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