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How can Pesach be called the Time of our Freedom?

Pesach is called זמן חרותינו, the Time of our Freedom, but how can that be when we don't have the right to eat what we want. Nothing makes us more free than being able to eat and drink what we want. For 7 days we are not allowed to eat our favorite foods, and precisely the ones that we desire to eat the most. That is not freedom. That is being put in jail!

So I want to say that this is what freedom is. Freedom is being able to cope in a time of uncertainty, in a time of discomfort. For 7 days many of us daydream about day 8 and see day 8 as freedom. We can envision that pizza, that piece of cake, that hamburger, that challah. So why is not the rest of the year called the time of our freedom, and these 7 days, the days of our slavery?

Because the term freedom applies to the soul. For 7 days the body is held captive, not being able to enjoy its favorite foods. But the soul is FREE. The soul is happy. This is why even though we were in the desert for 40 years and we complained, this was as free as we could possibly be. Our soul was totally dependent on Hashem. It was FREE.

Stop thinking past Pesach. Live in the moment. Pesach only comes once a year. 7 days fly by and it's over. Physical discomfort and spiritual comfort go hand in hand. Use this time to connect to Hashem. To take pride that you are doing G-d's will. That you are being a soldier of Hashem.

Chag Pesach Kasher v"Sameach


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