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In the US this week

I am currently in the US all week going back to Israel (home) early next week, G-d willing. Some of the Torah posted by my cohost Sarah she will post later this week but Torah Wellsprings, Spring Hill Times, Parsha Knowledge, Living Appreciation, Osher Hachaim, BitachonWeekly, and a few others I will not be posting. I simply don't have access to a lap or desktop to do it. So if you'd like one of these, send me an email and I'll try to forward it to you. I will try to add Treats for the Shabbos Table but no promises on this one.

Also, it's Adar so I'm starting to collect for the poor people. This year we have two Adars so we can collect extra money and have more zechuyot. Right now Israel is being victorious and its because of our Torah and achdus and so much chesed that we are doing and tzedaka that we are giving. We are seeing huge miracles. Keep the chesed going.

Make a nice donation here:


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