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Israel Needs Your Help

Originally written on Sunday morning.

By the time you read this, we don't know what will be. But as of yesterday the most terrible thing happened. Hundreds were killed and at least 53 people were taken captives. Our enemy is very cruel. We fear for them. Let's increase our chesed, ma'asim tovim, ahavas Yisrael, Torah learning, and stop with the sinas chinam. We are in a big mess.

Here in Tzfat, they have an organization called Livnot u'Lehibanot. Some of you may be familiar with it. It's been around for over 43 years. Whenever there is war in the South, they take in as many people as they can to give them respite from the constant barrage of rockets. Today Livnot will start receiving families from the South as well as young Jews who are in Israel on internships and year long programs.

People are scared. This is real. And it may most likely only get worse at least in the short term and there will only be peace until Moshiach comes and gets out of this mess. In the meantime we daven and help each other however we can.

Please consider donating to Livnot in this time of crisis. It's a non-profit. No part of their budget includes suddenly taking in families but they do because they care. This is the link.

Besoros Tovos,

P.S. As I speak, you can hear the jets flying above.



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