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It's all about perspective 

A story that happened in Bneh Brak a few years ago became very popular. We spoke about it then when it happened, and I would like to quickly review it to bring out a lesson. It was very late at night, right after Rosh Hashanah and a large crowd of people were waiting by a bus stop to take the 402 bus back to Yerushalayim. It never came. The hour was very late, the crowd of people were very upset, especially since they had a lot of little children with them. The bus company could not find anybody to drive that bus because everybody was afraid of being yelled at the entire hour ride. One man said he’ll do it. He put the numbers 318 on his bus instead of 402 and pulled up in front of them. Someone got on the bus and said, “I know you’re not the 402, but I’m begging you, can you please drive us to Yerushalayim? It’s 1:30 in the morning, we’re all stranded here.” The driver said, “Please wait a minute while I check.” A few minutes later he opened the door and he invited everyone on. The entire journey, everyone was heaping thanks and praise upon the driver for what he did. At the end, when everyone got off, one young man remained on and asked the driver to explain how he was able to change his route so quickly. The driver told him the real story. He said no one wanted to do this job because they didn’t want to be yelled at, so he made believe he was the 318 so everyone would appreciate him instead of yelling at him.

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