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Looking For Partners

We are looking for partners for the following two projects.

1) To fund the reconstruction of a synagogue in the Orthodox area of Tzfat that no longer has enough space for all the congregants as it is growing. In addition to help fund the kollel.

2) To fund and create from scratch an organization that feeds and supports the poor population of Tzfat. Many people in the Orthodox community struggle to live day to day and many children of these families go to sleep hungry. There are organization within Tzfat that help but it is not enough. We are looking to create an additional stream of revenue into Tzfat that will help ensure that hundreds if not thousands of people can maintain a life of respect and honor.

If you are able to partner with us or know of someone that can, please be in touch with Akiva at . We would be happy to send grant proposals with all the necessary information as required by you or any foundation that you may run or are a part of.

You have the opportunity to be a collaborator in both preserving lives in the physical realm and nurturing souls on a spiritual level. Take advantage of this opportunity!

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