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Mitzvah Opportunity

I am looking for help with funds to continue distributing publications such as Rabbi Biderman's Torah Wellsprings, and The Spring Hill Times in Tzfat and Tiverya (Tiberias). I print out and distribute over 100 copies of these and other publications weekly. I have been doing this on my own for quite some time but the expenses add up and can be costly. Please take part in the mitzvah of being mezakeh et harabim זיכוי הרבים, of sharing Torah with fellow Yidden. It's a great mitzvah. You will share Torah of emunah, bitachon, of love of fellow Jews, and of love of Hashem. You will help increase Torah observance and love of Torah. Your support will reach over 500 people a month. To make a donation via Paypal click here: Thank you and תזכו למצות! The cost per month for printer maintenance, paper, and ink is about $800 a month. Currently I owe about $400 for ink for the new printer. - Akiva

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