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Rabbi Biderman shlit"a - Rosh Hashana 5782

Rabbi Elimelech Biderman, shlit"a - Torah Wellsprings

Please read the entire email. Thank you.

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Need your help this Rosh Hashana. Help with whatever you can. Please read below.


Shalom everyone,

I never personally write but I am reaching out to you today to make a personal request. I am a gabbai tzedkah for my local shul here in Tzfat (Pri Megadim) and every chag (Pesach and Sukkos) very needy families get money for food, and other needs and luxuries via a card that is called Heimish card. People in Israel are very familiar with it. For Sukkot 12 families qualified for a total of almost 30,000 shekels but the organization requires that we cover a third of that money. We have about a week to collect 9,875 shekels, a third of the total, in order for them to release the full amount to the families. I am reaching out to you to take donations. All the families are Orthodox families, hemish, frum families, most if not all are avreichim. Let's help them have a very happy Sukkos that they can enjoy without worry how they are going to cover the costs of the chag. They money makes the families very happy because they get nice amounts that they also use for Chol HaMoed. It's a big mitzvah to give. These are families who are always shteiging, always growing.

Please give your donation of any amount here:

I need to collect 9,875 shekels within a week, and I am doing this by myself. I have never been good at collecting charity online but I want to do good for others for the new year. By donating, you are doing a great act of chesed and showing ahavat Yisrael for your fellow Jews who perhaps are not as fortunate financially as you are. Please open you hearts.

Thank you! Below is a snapshot of the email I got from the organization with the details of how much is needed.

כתיבה וחתימה טובה עם כל הברכות וכל הישועות!


צפת, עיר הקודש

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