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Reaching Soldiers

Spoke to soldiers. So it's almost impossible to get written Torah material to soldiers on base. However, they are watching videos posted on social media and Whatsapp. If you contribute to the site or want to create a video that can be shared with soldiers, best thing to do now is to upload to whatsapp and share. And this is our best way to get them to soldiers. And on Whatsapp, they can be shared like wildfire (if they are good). Please share on bitachon and emunah or on positive stories or awareness of Hashem. On miracles that are happening. Positive Torah that inspires and encourages. Keep it to 3-4 mins tops and make it interesting. I am creating a whatsapp group now. Share videos with me and I'll share them with the group. The number is 050 977 0843. The group will be called "War Effort 23 TL". And once I have them I'll forward them to soldiers and they will share with each other.


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