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Let's work together to aid the war effort.

I have asked, through a connection, that Rabbi Biderman, shlit"a write a pamphlet directed at soldiers. It will be bitachon and emunah based. Donations are pouring in for the soldiers physical needs, including some which are spiritual needs, such as tzitzis. But I'm not sure how much is being done to strengthen the believe that Hashem is with us during this time and will surely save us from our enemies. So I would like to start a campaign to collect money to print out copies of Rabbi Biderman, shlit"a, and The Spring Hill Times and get them distributed to the army bases in the North. I myself will make sure they get to the bases. If this is a success, I will then move to getting them to the bases around Aza. In addition, I continue printing Rabbi Biderman, shlit"a, and The Spring Hill Times, for Tzfat, Tiverya, and Afula. I can make the time, I have a printer, Baruch Hashem, but to print hundreds of copies, maybe even thousands, depending on the need, will be very costly. So I'm asking for your help. If you can make generous donations and help us spread Bitachon to the soldiers, including unit commanders, that would be the biggest mitzvah and you may even be saving Klal Yisrael. If you're interested in donationg, you can donate via Paypal here:

If you want to make a large donation, please email me at and let's speak over the phone.

P.S. Please read this week's issue of The Spring Hill Times. There are many stories of the many miracles that happened on Shemini Atzeres/Simchas Torah. Also you can read about the many kabbalos that people have taken on since that heartbreaking day.

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