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The Spring Hill Times Going Public

We have decided to go on a few social media platforms in order to reach more people. We need to spread our beautiful Torah to as many Jews as possible and that includes those who can be found on the internet. I, as a volunteer of the Spring Hill Times, have created a Facebook page for The Spring Hill Times. Please Like it and share with friends who you think may benefit from it. The Spring Hill times is unique in that it doesn't try to force Judaism/religion on anyone. It just makes you aware of how amazing Hashem is and how much He loves you and how much He yearns for you. The posts will be light. In addition please join the group, "We Love You Hashem!" Share your stories! We will also be using social media. i.e., Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube to notify when the new Torah for the week is up.

Facebook Page for The Spring Hill Times:

Facebook Group "We Love You Hashem!":

Twitter for The Spring Hill Times:

YouTube for The Spring Hill Times:

You can also find the Rabbi Biderman, shlit"a, Torah Wellsprings Page here:

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