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Trust in Hashem - because Hashem Can do Anything - Rabbi Biderman shlit"a

The Midrash says that Hashem performs a miracle within a miracle. Not only are there salvations, but the salvations come in the most unexpected way. The bitterness became the salvation! The problem became the solution! People worry about their sustenance, about finding their soulmate, and other issues, and they seek logical, natural, solutions to their problems. And that is good and proper. But they should keep in mind that the salvation may come from an entirely unexpected source. Hashem can do anything. The salvation may come from where you expect it the least. It states, "Bnei Yisrael came into the sea on dry land…

"The Sfas Emes writes, "If the [miracle of the Splitting of the Sea] was that the sea moved away, and the Jewish nation walked through on dry land, it wouldn’t be such a great wonder, because Hashem can turn the sea into dry land…. Rather, the wonder was that the nation entered the sea, literally, and for them it was like being on dry land… Because of Hashem's love for the Jewish nation, Hashem made it that although it was a sea, with all the characteristics of a sea, nevertheless, for the Jewish nation it would be dry land…" According to this explanation, they were actually in the sea but they didn’t drown, and they didn’t get wet, and the earth was dry, because Hashem can do anything. Who says that water must make wet, and who says that one drowns in water? Hashem can change all the rules of nature.

Similarly, regarding sustenance and finding a soulmate, which are compared to the Splitting of the Sea, Hashem can bring about miraculous salvations, contrasting all the rules of nature – and nothing can prevent Hashem's will from occurring. And since Hashem can do anything, don't ever despair. Just do your effort, carry on, trust in Hashem, and Hashem will help. Hashem told Moshe (14:15), "Why are you shouting to Me? Tell Bnei Yisrael to travel." The Ramban explains, "Moshe was shouting and praying [for counsel]…because he didn’t know what he should do… They were at the seashore, the enemy was catching up with them, and he prayed that Hashem show him the path he should choose. Hashem said… 'You don’t need to ask for guidance…' 'Just travel forward' and you will see that I will save you. Hashem was saying, "You don’t need a plan. Just go, and I will help you." Because Hashem can help in any way He wants.

Note: In the story of Purim, Achashveirosh and Haman were a bitter problem of the Jewish nation, but they both ended up preparing the sweet salvation for the Jewish nation. Achashveirosh made good decrees for the Jewish nation, and Haman's gallow was used to hang him. Similarly, there are other details in the story that demonstrate how the bitter became sweet, and the problem became the salvation.

Note: The Or HaChaim writes, "Hashem said, 'Why are you shouting to Me?' This is difficult, because to whom should they shout, if not to Hashem… Even if Moshe prayed a lot, he should continue praying until there's a salvation… [The answer is], Hashem said, 'Why do you shout to Me? I also want to make a miracle for them, but they don’t deserve it… It isn't in My hands to help them… Rather, the counsel is, tell the Jewish nation to strengthen themselves with emunah (faith) and bitachon (trust), to trust in the salvation, and to travel into the sea – even before it splits… Their emunah and bitachon turned matters around for the good." Similarly, Reb Chaim Volozhiner (Nefesh HaChaim 1:9) teaches on the parsha, "If they will have strong emunah and bitachon, and if they will travel into the sea [because they trust in His salvation]…this will cause an arousal Above that a miracle should occur for them and the sea should split for them."

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