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Update to the Site

Thank you for the dozen or so people that donated and to those who expressed gratitude. I really appreciate it.

I may get the site working during the next few days. But in return I'd like people to donate $18 a year, and of course more if you can. For those of you who donated, thank you. This will be on the honor system. I refuse to do a membership fee because I don't like to deny Torah to anyone. But if you have money, please donate. I do take time and money to run this site. It may not be a lot, although over time it does add up, but if you have money, why not help me with the costs? You will also share in the merits that come with it. The Torah shared here makes it to a lot of people weekly. It's not just those who visit the site. It's their family, friends, and those they daven with. You can accrue a lot of merits in a very short time.

To donate, click on the donate button on the homepage. You can use PayPal. And if you live in Eretz Yisrael, send me a message and you can donate a different way.

Akiva -

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