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We Are Living in a Scary Time


כט אדר ב' תשפ״ב

I never use this blog to write my own thoughts and opinions but I will start doing so. Hopefully people won't unsubscribe now but if they do, I wish them well.

We have seen 11 Israelis killed since the passing of Rav Kanievsky zatza"l. When we lose a tzaddik we lose protection. Chazal teach us this in Masechet Sanhedrin. And now we are going into a scary time as the "chag" of the Yishmaelim is coming and they feel they have Hashem on their side and terror attacks always go up during this time. We may not have many Gedolim anymore, but we always have Hashem, and the truth is we've only always had Hashem. Now, as the Gedolim decrease, we have no where to turn to but Up. Rabbi Wallerstein, shlit"a, once asked Rav Kanievsky zatza"l what mitzvah we should work on in this time as we get close to the coming of Moshiach, and he said "emunah." We need to believe and know that things will work out. Both at a national level and at a personal level. That said, we need to strengthen ourselves, especially during Nissan. Torah learning protects us but it's not enough. Here are a few suggestions on things that we can work on so that Hashem will see us in a favorable light and protect us.

1) Stop slandering other Jews. This is connected to this parsha and the next. If you have something bad to say about that other Jew who is not like you or who is like you but not up to your standards, judge him favorably and keep quiet. Today with social media it's easy to slander an entire people. Do you think a Father likes it when one son or daughter slanders another child of His?

2) Don't be robotic in doing mitzvot. Do things b'simcha. Pray, learn, give tzedakah, smile at another Jew, say a few kind words, pay someone else's bill, keep Shabbat, all b'simcha. Be proud of what you do because Hashem has given you the zechut to do good in the world.

3) Get to know a Jew that is not like you. You will find out that Jews not like you are actually nice people and have good qualities that you may lack. You will start appreciating other Jews and your Ahavat Yisrael will increase.

4) Speak to each other. How many times do we see a new person in shul, or at a simcha, and we say nothing. Some people are hurting inside. Go introduce yourself and say hello. Make him or her feel welcome.

5) Be extra kind to people that are single, divorced, orphans, widows, poor people, old people and converts. They feel alone. They need extra love. Give it to them. You lose nothing by giving them extra love. Invite them over, give them a call. Make them feel loved and needed.

6) Take insults. In today's world of social media, we have to be first, we have to be right. NO. Learn to let others be right because sometimes they ARE right and you are wrong. Sometimes you will be insulted. Stay quiet and take it. You don't know if they're having a hard time in life. Judge them favorably and pray for them. Don't push them away.

7) Be mevater. To your spouse, to your boss, to your co-workers, to your children. Just be mevater. Hashem loves the humble people.

8) Realize only Hashem can help you. Increase your tefillos and direct them only at Hashem. Don't be disappointed when people can't help you. Disappointment only comes because of expectations. NO ONE can help you but Hashem. If you are a betting man, bet on Hashem. He will get it done. Nobody else will. PERIOD.

I will add more things in another blog. For now, Shabbat Shalom and Chodesh Tov!



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