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Beit Midrash "Pri Megadim"

This is Beit Midrash "Pri Megadim" in Tzfat. It is located in the "Darom", i.e., in the South(ern) part of Tzfat, in the mostly chareidi area of Tzfat. Pri Megadim is full of activity daily. We have about 80 people daven Shacharis in the mornings via 3 minyanim, Netz, 7am, and 8am. We have about another 100 people for Mincha and Maariv. Pri Megadim hosts a Daf Yomi shiur every evening and on Shabbos we have lectures on a variety of subjects throughout the afternoon. The Beit Midrash is open at all hours and people come in at all times of the day to come and learn in a nice atmosphere in a place of kedusha.


This is the outer part of our shul. It overlooks Meiron. 

Pri Megadim Tzfat.jpg
Pri Megadim Tzfat

These are the news beautiful chairs that honor both the Beit Midrash and those who come to daven. We currently have a debt of 25,000 shekels (about $7600 US dollars) which we are desperately trying to pay to cover the expenses of these chairs. We are looking for sponsors to help us pay the debt as many of the people that daven with us are people that dedicate their lives to Torah but live month by month and so their ability to help is limited. This is their sacrifice for Torah which keeps the world going. 


This is our appeal to the congregants to help us pay for our shul's expenses. The replies have been limited so we are appealing to you for a generous donation.

Pri Megadim Tzfat
Pri Megadim Tzfat

This is our beautiful shul. It seats about 100 people. The shul very much serves as a Shtiebelach for the neighborhood. It is surrounded by Sefarim all around and people come in throughout the day and grab a sefer and learn. 


This is the Ezras Nashim which serves as a separate study room throughout the week. 


This is our humble kitchen area with the necessities but nothing more. We would like to beautify it and expand it to offer all our Mispallelim all their needs to daven and learn in a place they can call home.


Pri Megadim also has a mikveh where people of all walks of life come in daily to purify themselves. Chasidim, Lithuanian, Sephardi, and traditional Jews come here.