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Thank you for visiting Torah Lectures. My name is Akiva and I am an Orthodox Jew living in Tzfat originally from Chicago. I am a convert now for 15 years. I've been tweeting Torah since 2013 and I have a deep passion for learning Torah and for teaching it whenever I can. I love being Jewish and I am always excited to learn something new. I believe that Torah must not only be learned but it must also be shared over to the people. The Torah gives us life, it gives us happiness, it gives us instruction, and it's important to share that with others.


I came to Israel in 2006 to study Torah and stayed for good. There is no place like Israel and all Jews should come home.


A little more about me. I am 44 years old and I am not a rabbi, just someone who likes to learn and who tries to live life with fear of G-d and with the knowledge that there is a Creator to this world. One of my goals with this site and on Twitter is to bring awareness of G-d in the world which is in essence to connect to our Maker, to teach that there is Providence, and to know that nothing is random. To bring my readers to knowledge of G-d and a love of G-d.

Feel free to email me anytime at

Thank you and may you all stay healthy! - Akiva M.

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